24932739_BG1Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue is an all-volunteer organization with more than 100 members covering all of Mohave County, Arizona. Our mission is to assist the Sheriff in serving the community by carrying out search and rescue missions and other duties as requested by the Sheriff.

Under the direction of Sheriff Doug Schuster and multiple state SAR Coordinators, Mohave Search & Rescue serves the needs of over 200,000 residents and nearly 5 million visitors yearly. Search coordinators direct the activities of 90 volunteers from four locations in all aspects of SAR. The results have been notable, with the rescue of many citizens and in some cases, life saving.


To enhance public safety and insure a quality of life, safety and welfare for the citizens of Mohave County. To wisely use the resources which have been entrusted to us. To maintain public trust through open, honest and ethical behavior; exercising integrity in the use of power and authority. To perform all duties with the highest level of personal and professional principles. To create positive relationships with the public by treating all with fairness, dignity and compassion.


Mohave County is the 5th largest size county in the United States, excluding Alaska. Bordered by the Colorado River to the West and Utah to the North, it has a diverse topography of high forested mountains, deep canyons, arid deserts, big lakes and the mighty Colorado River.

12042800_10153759245824474_5897089636905432646_nTemperature extremes can reach sub zero in the higher elevations to over 120F in the low lying desert. It has a rich history of mining that continues to this day. Numerous open mine shafts still dot the landscape.

This difficult, dangerous and challenging environment tests the abilities of all Search and Rescue members and provides many rewarding experiences. As such, Mohave County Search & Rescue has 4 individual responding units based out of Kingman, Bullhead City, Havasu and the Arizona Strip region.